Catching Up....January 2013

Since my last News post things have been up and down with the economy for Pine Street Studios, Inc.  Lately things seem to be picking up quite a bit.  Please join me on Facebook for weekly updates and progress photos at  Following are a few projects I've accomplished in the past year or so:

Country Mural-001 2-001Country Corner Mural in a Dining Room.

M 1-001 Mac-00118th Century Style Wallpaper Hand Struck Leaf Design in a Dining Room.

AA-001Rufus Porter Museum Gameboard Painting Class — Hugh with Students.

Living 1 C-002Living Room with Antiqued and gilded trim, Marbled Mantel.

Frieze computer-001 Sunday 2-001Union League of Philadelphia Lincoln Hall Ballroom Frieze design Proceeding.

M1-001 M4-001 Map ceiling-001Map Painted on a Home Library Ceiling.

Skyline -001Philadelphia Antiques Show Room Setting Canvas Backdrop 10' by 20' for Eberlein Design.

1a-002Neoclassical Overdoor Panel.

M 5a-001 DSC_0907-001Tropical Refuge Mural and Trompe Bamboo Pilaster Anteroom in a Small Apartment: