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Early April 2009 Update

The past several weeks have been filled with delays, technical problems and the need to fill in with fun little jobs.

Guest Room Florals Guest Room Florals Detail

The first was a room (at left) that was first painted by Hugh 25 years ago as a 5-year-old boy's room.  The room has now gone through three transitions, this time now as a guest room with florals.

Rose Breccia Left Column Mantel Pink Breccia Detail Mantel Pink Breccia While experiencing a delay at a prominent Rittenhouse Square condominium complex when painting borders on new hardwood floors (see the continuation below), I had a few days to marble a couple of columns (at right) on an old mantel in another condo in the same building.

Rittenhouse Square Springtime For fun, I include a photo of the Square (at left) from the window.

Below, I show a sample for the gallery floor and a couple progress pictures for the living room floor.

Gallery Sample Border Barclay Floor Border Progress Floor Progress Detail Also included is a nice photo of Kirsten Doyle (below, at right) who painted the floors in this very condo in previous years and is assisting and consulting on this new job. Kirsten at Work

Techniques Salon Ceiling Gordon Living Room I visited a couple other jobs to perform touchups and I include some new shots of old work here that were just taken.

One is the nail room ceiling with sky at Techniques salon in Blackwood, NJ (at left), and another is a living room with striped walls and antiqued trim in Cherry Hill, NJ.

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