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Puttilicious...The Cherubs are Done! March 4, 2009

The mural part of this project is finally finished, even through a bad cold with lost days, a big sciatica flareup and a tax audit to worry about!

Putti With Chandelier and Upper Walls Putti Left Putti Boys With Pearls Putti Looks Over Edge Putti Above Chandelier

The client has continued with her cherub theme in her formal dining room.  With the client's help, along with Andy Neylan (the cabinetmaker/builder) and myself, the shape of the Angel panel was created.  The putti were all to be chubby baby boys with cute faces who were frolicking with fabric and pearls.  I used the bodies of the cherubs from Francois Boucher and explored the internet for the cutest baby faces I could find.

Putti Through Portal Putti Diagonal Toward Kitchen Putti Medallion Putti Redhead Putti With Lyre

The center medallion is cast with angel decoration which I polychromed.  The sky is all hand-brushed without the help of my airbrush this time.  23 Kt. gold and sterling silver accents are found on the medallion as well as the panel moulding.  In the near future, the remainder of the ceiling is to be decorated in a broken silver leaf damask pattern.

Putti Right Side Putti Right Side Duo on Angle Putti Imp Putti Rasta

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