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Home Entertainment Area Tray Ceiling: Early August Project



Here is a project I have looked forward to starting for quite some time. This is an 11' by 19' tray ceiling in a home lower-level entertainment and game room. The tray will rest above an original 1940's French Art Moderne billiard table. The entire area boasts custom-milled cherry paneling. The fun thing about the tray is the design: an art modern or perhaps more of a Russian constructivist motif. The challenge is that it will be rendered primarily in metal leaf: sterling silver with 23kt. Palladium gold (very bright silver like) along with colored tinted versions of the varnished silver leaf with some paint colors as well for accents.

After exploring ideas for several months I drew the final pencil sketch this past Monday (8-4-08) and on Tuesday laid the design out on the ceiling. Today taping for the first layer and sizing for the bulk of the background silver was accomplished. Tomorrow the laying of the silver leaf begins. Quick preliminary color samples and the sketch are shown.



Thursday, August 7: The first silver has been added, that which constitutes the negative space in the design. Tomorrow the balance of the sterling silver (which will be tinted to colors) will be added.
Friday, August 8: The final silver was added and varnished.
Sunday August 10: After letting the floor guys have the room yesterday I returned and started tinting various parts of the silver with blue and camel. (The camel is more easily seen in the photos). Much of the tape has been removed and sizing for much the palladium (23 kt. silver looking) gold was accomplished. A couple red lines and a charcoal one has been added.








Update Monday, August 11: Today the Palladium 23 kt. gold and the first yellow 23 kt. gold were applied. The layout for the vertical walls around the tray were laid out.





Update August 16 (Saturday): Yesterday we basically finished the ceiling. Today I am off at at my Christmas Convention but decided to load a few pictures. Tomorrow I retouch and tweek things a bit, pack up and take off until the furnishings are in so I can get some final shots.



Saturday, August 23: Yesterday I stopped in after the pool table had been installed. I got a few quick pics, this pair I include here, taken from opposite ends of the table. This job was a real technical and design challange for me but I think it came off rather well especially considering the time constraints. I was held to the two weeks allowed. Thanks to Kirsten Doyle for her assistance and also a shout out to Lou Ferrante, the general contractor who did all he could to make things go smoothly on this job.

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