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"Birches and Critters" Little Girls' Room With a View: A Work in Progress, May 2008




This Spring I have the opportunity to paint a little girls' room in a fabulous setting: a Philadelphia penthouse with a splendid view.

Although not quite finished the birch trees and critters requested by the designer Kate Swope, a.k.a. "Kate in Montana" have the soft feel and friendly animals that Kate felt the new occupant would love.



The walls and ceilings are water color washed in sky tones from above down into yellows, pinks and greens to give a soft focus effect of a woodsy background.

Birches line the corners of the room where critters are at every turn: two does, a "raccoon daddy and baby", mama and baby foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs in a nest, four owls perching, many birds, butterflies and a strategically placed dragonfly.

Once all the painting is complete and the great furnishings (birch Adirondack style) are placed, if I can get better photos I will place them in the archives under "Kid's Rooms".

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