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From Start to Finish: Floral Still Life in a Trompe l'oeil Setting (Feb. '08)

Landscape and Terrace Finished

Still Life Urn

Floral Still Life in a Trompe l'Oeil Setting:

While painting a master bedroom suite for another of my favorite Moorestown, NJ, clients, there was work which included 23kt. gilding, faux bois, antiquing, a decorative bath ceiling and this floral still life for the water closet, both painted on canvas in the studio.

The progress photos of the floral and the finished decorated ceiling have been placed in different sections in order to feature the process used in painting the floral (which was set in a trompe l'oeil window). Canvases were also prepared for the other walls and dado.

Canvases Side by Side

Master Bath Ceiling

The complete (both in-progress and finished) "Floral Still Life" photo set, with captions explaining the process, resides in the Projects archive in the Wall Murals section. The ceiling photos can be found in the Decorated Ceilings archive, beginning with Master Bath: Faux Fabric Ceiling.

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